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My Altrincham: Abi Richardson, Music Promoter at The Cinnamon Club

By Newsdesk

Abi Richardson is the Music Promoter at The Cinnamon Club, which celebrates its 12th birthday with a special party tonight. In the latest instalment of our regular feature, she talks about her Altrincham.

My favourite shop

Without a doubt South City Music – I don’t really play anything but they have really good vinyl records and always good for a brew and a chat. I also love Soda, it brings something different to Alty that was missing for a long time!

My favourite restaurant


Can I say Altrincham Fish Bar? Best chicken nuggets in Manchester!!!

My favourite coffee shop

I really like Rhode Island but i’m a big fan of Whoots for their amazing milkshakes, really good when you’re waiting for a tram.

My favourite place for a walk

They recently resurfaced the path along the canal from Salisbury Field to Walton Park so that’s always good for a jog in the sun.

My favourite pub


It’s more of a bar but I’d have to say Pi, I can get my fix of Pie Minister pies all year round – they’re my absolute favourite festival food.

My favourite market stall

Honest Crust! Ultimate Sunday hangover cure.

My favourite building

Market House is lovely, Nick Johnson has done amazing things with Altrincham Market and Market House is never empty – you couldn’t have imagined that a few years ago.

My bugbear about Altrincham

The amount of people who buy stupid cars that they can’t drive or park. There is no need to buy a silly car and think it’s OK to take up two spaces!

The best thing about Altrincham


I think the arts scene – places like Local Creation, The Garrick (above), South City, The Music Place, The Cinnamon Club – there are things happening everywhere all the time involving music and drama and dance and it means people get to be part of something. If we didn’t have that then a lot of people wouldn’t feel so at home in Altrincham.

My hopes for the future of Altrincham

I’d like to see the music scene expand. There’s a real sense of community and the Alty music scene is growing, but it would be nice to see one of the bigger bands stop here when they’re touring. I’d also really like a Primark and a Nando’s; I love the independent shops but they’re definitely missing from the town centre!