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Timperley Post Office to reopen on Friday September 11th

By David Prior at

Timperley Post Office is to reopen on Friday September 11th, over three months since the attempted robbery that left it looking “like a bomb had gone off”.

The news will come as considerable relief to many residents in Timperley who rely on the Stockport Road outlet for their postal services, especially since the closure of Timperley’s other free-standing post office on Park Road.

The post office will reopen at 9am on Friday once reconstruction work on the badly damaged building has been completed.

Cllr Laura Evans told us the news was “absolutely great” for the village.

“I am delighted – a lot of people use the post office and there is a lot of support for it,” she said. “The whole village is absolutely thriving at the moment and I’m glad it will be reopening before the winter weather comes.

“The delay in reopening was frustrating and I don’t know exactly whose fault that was, but it was more down to the type of crime that was committed.

“It was never on the cards however that the post office would not be reopening.”


Timperley Post Office hours after the attempted robbery in June