British people have made a “brave and correct” decision, says local MP Graham Brady

By David Prior at

Graham Brady MP has said that the British people have made a “brave and correct decision” to vote to leave the EU.

Voters in Trafford, which includes Brady’s Altrincham and Sale West constituency, defied the national trend by voting to remain in Europe with one of the largest majorities in the country.

But the result was reversed at a national level, with almost 52% opting to leave the European Union.

And Brady, who had campaigned for the Leave side, said: “The British people have made a brave and correct decision. Britain always wanted just a trading arrangement with the EU – we have never wanted to be part of a greatly integrated political union.

“In my view it was inevitable that Britain would have to leave the EU sooner or later and it would not have been any easier had we waited longer. The British Government should now set about negotiating an open trading relationship with the European Union but also begin developing new trading agreements with the many growth markets around the world with which the EU has failed to reach agreement: China, India and the United States are among them.

“It has to be right for a proud country like ours with a long tradition of democracy, liberty and the rule of law to be able to make our own laws, choose our own governments and to dismiss them when they fail.”

The shock result has led to David Cameron announcing he will be stepping down as Prime Minister, but Brady, the chairman of the Conservatives’ 1922 Committee, has told journalist Michael Crick he will not be running for leader.

Others were not quite so enthusiastic about the result, however.

Wythenshawe and Sale East MP Mike Kane, who campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU, said the result was “clearly of great concern for Wythenshawe, Manchester and Britain”.

“We now face a period of economic uncertainty while we try and negotiate our future in the single market,” he added.

“The Prime Minister must now focus on getting a quick deal on our future trade relations to minimise the impact on British jobs and businesses.”