Women team up with Randall Jewellers to launch Altrincham’s first ‘Bra Bank’

By David Prior at

Ten women have helped to launch Altrincham’s first ‘Bra Bank’ – with donated bras helping African women and a breast cancer charity.

The new initiative, in partnership with Randalls Jewellers on George Street where the bank is located, is encouraging women to donate all ill-fitting or otherwise unwanted bras.

The bras themselves will be sent to Africa for reuse by a UK recycling firm, with their value paid by the recycler to Against Breast Cancer charity.

It’s all been organised by recycling campaigner, Sarah Walmsley, and Martin Duff, owner of Randalls Jewellers and chair of Altrincham BID.

It is hoped that other shops in Trafford will follow suit and make Bra Banks available right across the borough.

“This initiative is an all-round positive,” said Walmsley. “Most charity shops do not accept underwear, but bras need not be thrown away just because they no longer fit or have become a little lacklustre.

“Whatever the size and colour, whether training bras or over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, we are asking all girls and women to donate them at Randalls.

“The reuse of these unwanted bras reduces unnecessary manufacturing and also generates financial support to fight this horrendous disease. Randalls, being finely attuned to women’s issues, are a natural partner and a huge support in this endeavour. We are indebted to them and to our wonderful photographer, Amy Bellamy.”

Pictured: Ten women, who have all been affected by breast cancer in one way or another, help launch Altrincham’s first Bra Bank