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Residents call for action after latest accident at notorious Hale blackspot

By David Prior at

Local residents have called for action after another accident at a notorious Hale blackspot this morning.

Police were called to the junction of Park Road, Heather Road and Ashley Road – close to the former Bleeding Wolf pub – at 8.25 this morning after an accident involving a black Audi Q3 and a dark grey Toyota Auris.

No-one was injured and the road was soon cleared, but residents say it is the latest incident to happen at the junction – with one saying the road has become a “race track”.

Alan Forrest Smith said it was the fourth crash he had personally seen at the junction in recent times, and blamed it on the speed of motorists.

“Hale and in particular this junction and towards Ashley rail bridge is like a race track,” he said. “100mph isn’t uncommon going over that bridge.”

The junction of Park Road, Ashley Road and Heather Road

The junction of Park Road, Ashley Road and Heather Road

Another local, Amy Sharpe, said she had lived close to the junction for 15 years and it was only a matter of time before there was a fatality.

Mum-of-three Amy, who witnessed today’s incident, said police at the scene had told her they were called out to “too many” accidents at the junction.

“This is the route for many school kids, my three included, and if that crossing was safe me and many more would allow their kids to walk to school.

“Unfortunately it seems there has to be a fatality before they think about doing something.

“It’s one of those junctions where people get impatient. People come in from Ashley Road going too fast, but the thing that causes the biggest problem is drivers facing each other from Park Road and Heather Road – you don’t know whether it’s your right of way or the other person.

“There needs to be some sort of pedestrian crossing, traffic lights or lollipop man. Maybe some signage would help, but something needs to be done.”

Video of the aftermath of today’s accident from Alan Forrest Smith: