Films of the Fortnight

Films of the Fortnight at Altrincham Vue Cinema

By Mark Rocks at

Today we’re launching a new fortnightly feature where we will hand-pick a selection of films showing at our only cinema, Vue Altrincham.

Film fan Mark Rocks takes you through them…

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Out This Week

Bad Santa 2 (15)

BS2-08049Billy Bob Thornton stars as Willie Soke in BAD SANTA 2, a Broad Green Pictures & MIRAMAX (R) release.Credit: Jan Thijs / MIRAMAX (R)

Since its release 13 years ago, Bad Santa has become the ultimate alternative Christmas movie for those who prefer their festive cheer a little more naughty-than-nice. Now fans will be happy to see Billy Bob Thornton back as everyone’s favourite ‘anti-Claus’ Willie in Bad Santa 2.

In this sequel, tis the season once again but Willie really hasn’t changed his ways as he’s just as angry and foul-mouthed as ever. Teaming up with his sidekick Marcus (Tony Cox, reprising his role from the original), Willie hatches a plan to rob a Chicago charity to fund his reckless lifestyle this time around. Starring Kathy Bates as his equally reckless mother, fans who loved the original better watch out because Bad Santa 2 is coming to town.

Out Next Week

Moana (U)


Disney’s position as the ultimate in family entertainment is showing no signs of slowing down as their latest heroine Moana arrives in cinemas just in time for Christmas. An incredibly moving tale inspired by Polynesian folklore, the movie sees adventurous teenager Moana travel to a distant island in a quest to save her people. Along the way, she meets the demigod Maui (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) who guides her on an action-packed voyage to become a master way-finder.

After the blockbuster success of movies like Frozen, Disney are continuing their track record for presenting sweeping, lush animated tales with strong, independent main characters who children can look up to. We have a feeling Moana aims to be the perfect film to bring families together this festive season as Disney once again creates a magical adventure for anyone of any age and a title character which will be a prominent feature on lots of Christmas lists too.

Last Chance to See

Doctor Strange (12A)


Over the last 10 years it’s become clear that whatever Marvel touches turns to gold. Their Avengers movies have become all-time box office champs, making billions the world over and making lesser known superheroes like Hawkeye and Ant Man as ubiquitous as Batman and Superman.

This year, they lent their magic to one of the most obscure superheroes in their vaults – the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange. A former neuro-surgeon drawn into a world of alternative dimensions and mysticism following a serious car accident, Doctor Strange is played by Benedict Cumberbatch in what is easily his biggest role to date. It’s a risk for Marvel, taking their cinematic multiverse into a far more mystic direction, but with such lauded cinematic talent as Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelson, this is one gamble that has paid off massively.

It’s a must-see for anyone who loves jaw-dropping action and the phenomenal superhero epics Marvel Studios have become known for. Doctor Strange expands the MCU in bold, beautiful fashion and also an incredibly thrilling look at what they’ve got planned for the next 10 years.

Family Favourite

Trolls (U)


It’s hard to believe it now but once, in a time before Twitter and Facebook, trolls were a much more innocent phenomenon. Perhaps that’s why Justin Timberlake took it upon himself to produce a movie about the lovable retro toy line in 2016, he simply wanted to put an end to the negative connotations of the word?

Whatever his intention, he’s done a surprisingly good job of it. Rather than simply release a movie as a cash grab exercise, the makers of Trolls clearly have a lot of reverence for the these weird little creatures and it shows in this film.

The story is simple; Poppy, optimistic leader of the Trolls must join forces with her polar opposite, the grumpy shut-in Branch to go on a journey and save their village from the evil Bergens. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but when the animation is this stunning and the script this (surprisingly) witty, you won’t be complaining.

It’s got some real heavy-hitters involved too, with Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick providing their vocal talents and music from the likes of Ariana Grande and Gwen Stefani playing throughout. This movie is a treat for adults and kids alike, so you won’t be checking your watch throughout.

Coming Soon

Rogue One (12A)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story....Ph: Film Frame..©Lucasfilm LFL

After the mammoth success of The Force Awakens (it’s already made $2 billion worldwide), all eyes are going to be on Disney’s latest addition to the Star Wars cinematic universe, prequel Rogue One, set to be this winter’s blockbuster.

Billed as ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, the movie stars Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, who is recruited by the Rebel Alliance to help steal the plans for the Empire’s new superweapon: the Death Star. Not much else is known about the movie, however the latest trailer shows that viewers can expect to see Darth Vader appear at some point, and given the critical reception to last year’s release it’s likely this one will contain just as much thrilling action and amazingly written characters.

It’s officially released at midnight on December 14th, and tickets are available to book now so you can make sure you don’t miss out on what is sure to be the most spectacular movie of the year.

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