Going through a difficult time? Altrincham mediators are here to help this Family Mediation Week

By David Prior at

All this week is Mediation Week, and Altrincham-based mediators Marcia Mediation will be open for business to help local families learn more about the process and how it can help during a difficult time.

Mediation can work alongside or instead of involving solicitors and judges in family law proceedings, giving more power to those directly affected by divorce, unmarried separation, child custody and surrogacy disputes, to name but a few.

Accredited family mediator and company founder Marcia Lister wants all households in the Altrincham area to understand more about how important this help can be during emotionally challenging cases.

What is mediation?

A family mediator like Marcia is independent – unlike a solicitor, who represents the interests of an individual client in opposition to the other party.

This means a mediator acts in the best interests of everyone at once, helping to resolve disputes and make progress where negotiations have ground to a halt.

Mediation is all about keeping things moving, reducing the stress levels of all involved, and especially making sure children are represented in cases that involve dependants.

Why is mediation better?

If you want to make progress and you don’t know where to start, a mediator is a great option. They generally cost less than a solicitor, and many clients find a mediator more sympathetic to their unique circumstances, especially when emotions are running high such as during the early stages of a divorce.

The focus on resolving disputes quickly and amicably means things are less likely to drag on and on, with less risk of costly legal fees, and this means mediation is usually faster and cheaper than going to court.

It also means the courts don’t have so many family law cases to deal with, which frees up judges to rule on the most legally challenging cases.

Make the most of mediation

Whether you have a solicitor or not, mediation can help either by stepping into their shoes, or by keeping a running check on progress and reporting back to the lawyers on a regular basis.

Family Mediation Week, lasting from January 23rd-27th, is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how to really make the most of mediation, by working with an accredited local mediator to take your case forward.

Marcia Lister is one such local expert with years of experience in handling family law cases,
while the team at Marcia Mediation includes several more senior-level accredited mediators so there is always someone on hand to help, not just in Family Mediation Week but all year round.

To book an appointment with Marcia herself and find out more, visit www.marciamediation.co.uk