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Nourish closes Hale Road cafe – but plans to open new Altrincham outlet within months

By David Prior at

Nourish has closed its Hale Road cafe – but is planning to open a new outlet in Altrincham town centre within months.

The healthy cafe announced on its Facebook page this morning that it was “sad but proud” to announce its immediate closure, having originally opened in May 2014.

But co-owner Tom Groves told us the closure was simply because they had now outgrown the premises and would be reopening in Altrincham in around April with an outlet that more closely resembled their bigger cafe in Wilmslow.

“I opened the Hale cafe when I was 20 and had zero experience,” he said. “It took off and has been amazing but now Nourish has outgrown that site for what we want it to become.”

Tom Groves (left) with Nourish business partner James Cumbes

Tom Groves (left) with Nourish business partner James Cumbes

He said the new Altrincham cafe, which he’ll be opening with business partner James Cumbes, would be more of a ‘Nourish Express’, offering wraps, sandwiches and coffee.

Groves said the decision was also linked to the imminent launch of a spin-off online business called Nourish Fit Food, a bespoke meal delivery service that will see it deliver “quality, healthy and fresh food” to customers’ doors.

He added: “Our nutrition team will create highly personalised plans that will take the stress out of planning, shopping, counting calories, cooking and cleaning, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.”

Nourish Fit Food's soon-to-launch website

Nourish Fit Food’s soon-to-launch website

Nourish Fit Food will offer specific plans tailored at customers looking to gain muscle, lose weight or simply lead a healthier life, and plans will start from £18 a day for a full-meal plan.

Nourish will now be using the Hale Road site as the HQ and main kitchen for the meal preparation business.

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford is already on board as a company ambassador, and it’s currently trialling meals with a select group of customers. Also involved in Nourish Fit Food is Stephen Jones, of Atlas Physique, and Groves’ girlfriend Charlotte Marshall.