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Pay-by-the-hour crèche launches at Altrincham Leisure Centre

By David Prior at

A pay-by-the-hour crèche facility has opened at Altrincham Leisure Centre, allowing parents to have their children looked after while they work out or swim.

The crèche, which has been set up by Hayley Murphy, will initially be open for four hours a day.

It will allow leisure centre users to pay by the hour for their children – aged between birth and eight years old – to be looked after.

Hayley Murphy has set up the crèche

Hayley Murphy has set up the crèche

Murphy, 33, who is hiring the space off the leisure centre, has brought in a team of qualified practitioners to run the facility with her.

“We have an extremely motivated team and are dedicated to providing the highest standards in care,” she said.

She said the crèche will operate on a flexible session basis, meaning parents can book anything from one to 20 hours’ a week.

“We do not ask for large deposits or operate a costly fee structure and you do not need to commit to set days or sessions each week,” she added.

Inside the new facility at Altrincham Leisure Centre

Inside the new facility at Altrincham Leisure Centre

“The crèche can be used whilst you work out at the gym, take a class or enjoy a swim. You can also access crèche if you just want your little ones to enjoy some social time each week, do your weekly shop, make appointments or grab coffee with friends.”

The crèche will also provide holiday care through a club and camps.

Murphy said the crèche was currently in the process of registering on the voluntary OFSTED register, and if it proved popular she would consider moving to the compulsory register, allowing the crèche to stay open for longer each day.

Anyone interested in viewing the creche should contact Hayley on 07928 500 094 or email, so simply drop in to the centre.