Altrincham primary school pupils spread the word about ‘stranger danger’

By David Prior at

Stamford Park Junior School pupils have worked with Trafford Junior Neighbourhood Watch on a “stranger danger” project to help them and other pupils stay safe outside the classroom.

The Trafford Junior Neighbourhood Watch works with schools to help pupils become more observant in certain situations.

They also design flyers, posters and booklets which will be professionally printed and then distributed to pupils in other schools in the local area.

Graham Roe, Secretary of the Trafford Junior Neighbourhood Watch Project, said: “This is young people advising and informing other young people to stay safe which gives the project greater credibility in the eyes of other young people.


Trafford Junior Neighbourhood Watch talking to pupils at Stamford Park Junior School

“Through this project, young people become more responsible and caring about their community. Life skills, skills of citizenship, social responsibility are all developed; helping them to see their community in a more positive light.”

The project is in its second year and is community-led, with support from the Safer Trafford Partnership and Trafford Police.

In the spring term, the group will be looking at internet safety and the risks of online chat rooms and cyberbullying.

The project will help pupils to do the right thing when in a 'Stranger Danger' situation

The project will help pupils to do the right thing when in a ‘Stranger Danger’ situation