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Films of the Fortnight at Altrincham Vue Cinema: Hacksaw Ridge, Fifty Shades Darker and more

By Mark Rocks at

Here’s the latest instalment of our new fortnightly feature, where we hand-pick a selection of films showing at our only cinema, Vue Altrincham.

Film fan Mark Rocks takes you through them…

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Out This Week

Hacksaw Ridge (15)


Controversial Hollywood figure Mel Gibson has spent the last 10 years shying from the spotlight; no surprise given the many controversies he’s found himself embroiled in. When we last saw him, he presented us with Apocalypto, the hyper-violent Mayan epic. That’s why it’s surprising that his return to the director’s seat, Hacksaw Ridge, focuses on a soldier who makes his mar on history for refusing to be violent.

In World War II Desmond Doss, an American combat medic, refused to carry any firearms or weapons while serving his country. As such, Doss became America’s first conscientious objector to ever be awarded the Medal of Honor despite refusing to fire a weapon or harm another person. Rather than centre solely on the action during the War, Gibson chooses to present Doss’s childhood and upbringing, illuminating factors which came into play in shaping the man who would eventually make history.

It’s become a critical darling, earning Oscar nominations for Andrew Garfield, as well as Gibson himself (proving that all it really takes for forgiveness in la la land is a decade of time off). The film itself is stunning, and regardless of your views on Gibson himself, Hacksaw Ridge is undeniably a film-making triumph worthy of the attention it’s received in recent months.

Out next week

Fifty Shades Darker (18)


Whether you love it or hate it, it’s impossible to deny the impact that the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise has had on pop culture in the last few years. The adaptation of the first movie made over $500million when it was released in 2015, but the true test of the franchise’s staying power will be the performance of this year’s sequel, Fifty Shades Darker.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan return as Anastasia and Christian, who are in the midst of a bumpy patch in their relationship when we pick back up with them. Following Christian’s borderline obsessive chasing, the couple decide to give their romance another go under Ana’s conditions, but skeletons from his closet threaten to tear them apart once and for all.

Honestly, if you weren’t a fan of the (surprisingly good) first movie, there’s little chance of you being won over by this instalment. But capable performances from both leads, a critically lauded soundtrack, and an appearance from Hollywood icon Kim Basinger are sure to have fans of the franchise begging for more.

Last Chance to See

Manchester By The Sea (15)


Following buckets of praises at film festivals and even picking up an award or two, director Kenneth Lonergan’s brilliant part comedy/part (but mostly) tragedy drama Manchester By The Sea is setting sail out of cinemas this week.

The movie stars Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, a man who is content with not aiming too high with life standards. However, his minimal plans are derailed by the death of his brother as he must move back to his hometown of Manchester (not our Manchester, the one in the States) to plan the funeral and sort out custody of his 16-year-old nephew. Featuring great performances from Affleck and the excellent Michelle Williams, this is simply unmissable cinema which is packed with amusing highs and heart-breaking lows.

Family Favourite

The Lego Batman Movie (PG)


Everybody loves a surprise and they don’t get much bigger than 2014’s The Lego Movie, which took the building block sensation and pieced together one of the most inventive family favourites of recent years. Whilst we wait for the sequel, Warner Bros are reassembling some of the key pieces for the first (of numerous planned) spin-offs, with The Lego Batman Movie.

Will Arnett voices the beloved caped crusader from The Lego Movie, this time in his own DC-centric adventure. The usually brooding Batman must stop the forces of evil led by The Joker from taking over the city of Gotham (albeit a more colourful one than last year’s Batman V Superman). Certain to appeal to adults, kids and even die-hard comic fans, The Lego Batman Movie is aiming to reinvent the DC universe, brick by brick.

Coming Soon

John Wick: Chapter Two (15)



If you don’t know his name, I highly suggest you go watch the first John Wick. A hugely exhilarating action romp, the original film had Wick (Keanu Reeves) on a rampage following the murder of his newly-adopted puppy. A simple concept with a satisfying execution, it become a cult action classic overnight.

This February, Wick is back and he’s ready to continue his kill streak. Now out of retirement, the legendary hitman must ascend through the shadowy underworld he used to know, taking out other equally as dangerous hitman along the way. Anyone looking for something a little more fast-paced to start the year, this is bound to be the film for you.

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