Parking charges across Altrincham to rise by up to 250% next month

By David Prior at

Parking charges across Altrincham are set to rise by up to 250% next month.

The increases are included in Trafford Council’s budget for 2017-18, which was approved recently by council executives following a public consultation late last year.

The changes will see the cost of parking for half an hour at Regent Road, Oakfield Road, Victoria Road, Cecil Road, Oaklands Drive and Brown Street car parks go up to 70p, a rise of 250% from the current 20p.

There will be significant hikes too for parking for longer periods of time – a two-hour stay rises from 50p to £1.50, three hours from £1 to £2.50, and four hours from £2 to £3.50. All-day parking will now cost £7, a rise at most of the affected car parks from £4.

Charges will also be introduced at Balmoral Road car park, which has been free all day. Now, there will be a £1 charge for all stays over two hours.

There will be increases in on-street parking charges too, with 30-minute stays rising from 20p to 50p and two-hour stays shooting up from 50p to £1.50.

Roads affected include Market Street, Railway Street, The Downs, New Street, Regent Road, Victoria Street and Lloyd Street.

The news comes as Trafford revealed that since the draft budget stage began in November, its overall funding gap had increased from £22.17m to £25.37m in 2017/18 – and increased from £42.09m to an estimated £47.71m for the next three years.

Victoria Road car park in Hale is one of the council car parks affected

Victoria Road car park in Hale is one of the council car parks affected

The dire financial situation – caused, Trafford said, by “falling Government grant and increased demand for social care” – is also behind the decision to increase council tax in the borough for the first time in seven years.

The rise amounts to 4.99%, including a 3% levy that will be ringfenced for adult social care.

This increase means that a Band D property in Altrincham will see its council tax rise by £1.08 per week (£56.25 per year).

And last week we revealed how from June, residents will have to pay a charge of £40 a year to have their garden waste collected.

Trafford Council Leader, Cllr Sean Anstee, said the extra charges amounted to “extremely difficult decisions”.

Balmoral Road car park in Altrincham will no longer be free all day

Balmoral Road car park in Altrincham will no longer be free all day

He said: “We have chosen to invest over £7m into our services that provide the care needed by children and adults in our borough and we continue to work closely with our partners across Trafford to overcome the challenges we face.

“The council continues to work hard to strike the right balance between raising the revenue needed to fund our services against an understanding that council tax takes up a large part of a family’s disposable income. Whilst we are asking the average household for an extra £1.08 a week, we remain the council with the lowest level of council tax in the North West.

“The council has a good track record of taking measures to ensure that Trafford continues to be a thriving environment to grow up, live or work in and where everybody is supported to realise their potential.”