Trafford College evening classes offered at Costa Coffee in Timperley and Altrincham

By David Prior at

A series of adult learning classes are to be held in Costa Coffee shops in Altrincham and Timperley as part of a new initiative launched by the PopUp College.

The initiative works by partnering Further Education providers with nearby branches of Costa Coffee, using the spaces for classes after they have closed to the public.

The PopUp College has teamed up with Trafford College to offer classes at the Costas on George Street in Altrincham and Stockport Road in Timperley.

Among the classes are French and Italian, maths and art history.

We’re offering a special 10% discount to anyone who signs up for a class using the discount code “alttoday”.

Here are the next set of classes in Timperley and Altrincham:


September 11th – Beginners’ Italian
September 12th – Beginners’ French
September 13th – Adult Maths
September 14th – Keeping up with the kids – Scratch
September 15th – 20th Century Art History


September 11th – 20th Century Art History
September 12th – SEO & Social Media for Small Business
September 13th – Keeping up with the Kids – Scratch
September 14th – Adult Maths
September 15th – Beginners’ French

Discount: See all courses in the Manchester area here – use the code “alttoday” at the checkout to claim a 10% discount.