Newsquest to merge Sale and Altrincham Messenger with Stretford and Urmston edition

By David Prior at

Regional publisher Newsquest is to merge the Sale and Altrincham and Stretford and Urmston editions of The Messenger into one unified edition covering the Trafford borough.

The changes mean that the Sale and Altrincham Messenger will be replaced by a unified The Messenger paper covering news from across the much wider area of Trafford.

The changes, which follow a strategic review by owner Newsquest, will take effect from the new year.

Currently, 39,074 copies of the Sale and Altrincham Messenger are distributed weekly, with a further 19,205 copies of the Stretford and Urmston edition circulated.

Mike Crutchley, editor of the Messenger Newspapers series, confirmed the changes to us and said they were being mirrored by a single unified Messenger brand online.

A Newsquest spokesman said: “The Sale & Altrincham Messenger and Stretford & Urmston Messenger will revert to a single Messenger brand, effective from Thursday 4th January.

“The Messenger will continue to provide local news content across both print and online media brands, serving the wider Trafford borough. The print edition will continue to be distributed direct to Trafford households and via selected retail outlets/partners as a free pick up.”