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Deep cleaning service Pram Parlour unveils new branding and 3,000 sq ft Altrincham base

By David Prior at

Pram Parlour, a deep cleaning and maintenance service for children’s travel equipment including buggies, car seats and prams, has opened the doors to its brand new base in the heart of Altrincham.

Set up by Conor Slevin and mum Marie from the kitchen table of her home, the start-up has grown rapidly and now has six staff based at the 3,000 sq ft premises on Borough Road, next door to Rocket and Orange cafe.

The official launch coincides with the unveiling of Pram Parlour’s new branding.

Inside Pram Parlour’s new Altrincham drop-off centre on Borough Road

Conor told us: “When we started off building the business we didn’t really have a feel for the extent of the demand for what we were doing. We knew it was a great idea and were getting really good feedback from customers, and we found out quickly that they were telling their friends and the word of mouth was strengthening.

“Then the orders came flooding in. We very soon couldn’t meet the space and resource demands and so we recruited, from one to two to five, in a small matter of months. We outgrew our facilities and were essentially having to hold back the tide. Our new location is great for passing trade and for the demographic we’re looking at, which is young mums.”

Founders Conor Slevin and mum Marie (left) with other members of the Pram Parlour team

Facebook has been a lucrative source of business for the company, with its community now numbering around 17,000 and orders from across the North.

Explaining their service, Conor added: “We get down to the basics – we treat all the fabrics and hardware separately, and only use manufacturer-approved cleaning techniques. We offer a pick-up delivery service and now with this new building we’ve got a convenient spot for people to collect and come and pick up.

Pram Parlour is a deep cleaning service for children’s travel equipment including buggies, car seats and prams

“One of the advantages of moving into this premises is that we’ll be able to speed up the turnaround times, rather than just relying on the logistics of collection and delivery.”

There are now plans to launch bases in Birmingham and Leeds.

Conor added: “The scalability for us is really important, but first and foremost is doing a good job here.”

Inside Pram Parlour’s new base on Borough Road