Residents must renew garden waste permit by end of this week

By David Prior at

Residents who want their garden waste collected from next month must renew their permit by the end of this week.

The One Trafford Partnership is reminding residents to renew or sign up to the service by May 18th to receive their permits before June 4th.

The service costs £40 annually but residents can claim a £5 discount by signing up online.

Garden waste is collected every week, with black and blue bins collected every four weeks and grey bins every two weeks.

Garden waste such as leaves, twigs, small branches and grass cuttings can be recycled in the green bin for weekly collection, rather than taking garden waste to the recycling centre.

A spokesperson for One Trafford said: “Trafford is a top recycling borough and we are keen to recycle even more. When you sign up to the garden waste service, you will receive a subscriber’s pack with a permit sticker, a recycling guide and instructions on where to place the permit on the bin. Please follow these instructions so the bin men can clearly see that you have signed up to the service.

“When you recycle your garden waste, you are helping to close the waste loop. Garden waste is sent to the In-Vessel Composter (IVC) where naturally occurring nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium break down the waste. The peat-free compost can then be used to grow plants and food.”

If a green bin does not have a new garden waste permit sticker from 4 June 2018 onwards, the bin will not be collected.

To sign up online to the 2018-2019 garden waste service, visit Alternatively, call 03330 035865.