Altrincham school goes potty for quidditch championships

By Ben Clough at

Loreto Preparatory School was transformed into Hogwarts when pupils enjoyed their own quidditch championships.

The Altrincham school wanted to give all their five to 11-year-old girls a taste of quidditch, one of the UK’s fastest growing sports which is played across universities worldwide.

Based on JK Rowling’s flight of fancy from the Harry Potter series of books and films, quidditch is described as a “combination of rugby, dodge ball and basketball”.

Joe Gibbons from Enhance Education, which offers taster sessions to schools across the UK, said: “The object is to score through one of three hoops, but like lacrosse you can play in front and also behind the hoops. The chasers try to score the goals, but they can be put out of the game by the beaters who throw soft balls at them.

“Then there are the seekers, who try to catch the Snitch, played at Loreto by a teacher, who can appear any time through the game and that’s an additional 50 points and so it goes.”

Jan Brett, Loreto Prep PE teacher, said: “Our girls absolutely loved the game. It’s infectious and like nothing they have ever tried before, with a set of inventive rules based on the books they love and enjoy.

“More importantly from a physical education perspective, it involves running, throwing, aiming and collaborative team work and every child has a chance to participate and shine.”