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Anstee takes first job since being deposed as Trafford Council leader

By David Prior at

Sean Anstee’s first role since being deposed as Trafford Council leader has been announced.

The Bowdon councillor, who served as leader for four years until Labour gained control at the recent local elections, is to lead a new strategic partnership between tech company Telcom Group and Pinacl Solutions.

The partnership aims to ensure that cities across the country benefit from the fastest and most reliable internet.

On the back of launching its first ‘hypercity’ in Manchester, Telcom is working with Pinacl to give Newport and Bristol hypercity status using its gigabit fibre networks.

Anstee, who worked for Barclays in Timperley and the Bank of New York Mellon in Manchester before becoming council leader, will take up the role of Telcom Infrastructure CEO.

Pictured (from left): Doug Ward (Telcom), Mark Lowe (Pinacl), Jacquelyn Goddard (Telcom), Sean Anstee (Telcom), Shaun Gibson (Telcom) and Rob Bardwell (Pinacl)

He said: “I’m excited about the possibilities our new partnership with Pinacl will create as we deliver on our mission to change the country’s internet and ensure our towns and cities have access to the connectivity they deserve to boost productivity and competitiveness in an increasingly technology enabled, global world.

“Telcom is a Mancunian success story and I’m looking forward to working really hard to help the company grow even faster in future and make a huge contribution to improving connectivity across the country.”

Shaun Gibson, Telcom Group CEO, added: “We are delighted to welcome Sean to the Telcom family and are excited to realise our vision of ubiquitous access to affordable ultrafast internet. It is our belief that the internet is a utility, a basic human right, that when readily available is a catalyst for economic growth, technological innovation and empowerment with life changing impact.”