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Escape to victory at Code to Exit with summer discount

By David Prior at

It’s one of the fastest growing games in the UK – and Altrincham’s only escape rooms attraction is offering players a special discount to see what all the fuss is about this summer.

Code to Exit, founded by Hungarian entrepreneurs Andras Toth and Zoltan Sos, has built up a loyal following of players who travel from far and wide to go beyond its mysterious neon orange frontage on Manchester Road.

Recent reviews are testament to the experience that players have, with Google reviewers calling it “awesome” and an “absolutely brilliant experience”.

Inside the Blueprint room at Code to Exit on Manchester Road

And for this summer only, teams of four or more can enjoy a 20% discount on a game that many compare to a real-life board game.

So how does it work?

Andras, who worked as a cameraman on Hungary’s equivalent of Coronation Street before moving his young family to Altrincham seven years ago, explained: “There are three rooms, each with a different game.

“There’s the Blueprint room, where you are a secret agent and have to save the world like James Bond.

“Then there’s the Forger room, when you have to find a real painting among the forgeries that is the key to escaping the room.

In the Forger room, players must find a real painting among the forgeries to escape

“And in the basement we have the Dark Ages room, a medieval-themed room where you have to find the Holy Grail to escape from the room.”

Escaping from a room can take up to an hour, and if you’re a really competitive soul there’s a ladder on the wall with the all-time quickest exit times.

It’s an old-fashioned and blissfully device-free way to spend an hour or two – and what’s more, it’s something anyone over 10 can do (and they’ll let a younger person in if they’re with a family).

Google reviewers have called Code to Exit an “absolutely brilliant experience”

“Last week we had three generations in one party, from grandchild to grandmother. They really enjoyed it,” added Andras.

“We get a lot of people who come down as teams – people who are visiting friends or old university mates. It’s a great meeting point for them and a good way to start a party or a day out.”

The 20% discount applies to all groups of four or more. Book online here using the code “Summer20”. Offer expires on August 31st 2018.