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Father calls on offender to return stolen items after son and two of his friends mugged “at knifepoint” in broad daylight

By David Prior at

UPDATE 3PM 15/08/18: The stolen goods have now been returned.

A father from Hale has called on the teenager who mugged his son and two of his friends in broad daylight in Altrincham yesterday to return the stolen items.

Police were called to Altrincham town centre at 5pm yesterday afternoon to reports that three 15-year-olds had been mugged on Moss Lane bridge by Tesco.

The three victims, two from Hale and one from Didsbury, had been walking back after having lunch at Nando’s when they were approached by a group of six or seven 16-17-year-olds.

One of the offenders then demanded one of the victim’s Yeezy trainers and Moncler t-shirt before punching him twice in the face.

His friend, a 15-year-old from Hale, then had his designer Off-White cap stolen when one of the offenders said he had a knife and appeared to reach into a bag to get it. One of the victims also had his wallet stolen.

The father of the victim whose cap was stolen told us his son and two friends had been “very shook up” by the incident.

“My son’s a confident kid but last night they were too scared to walk home so he stayed at his friend’s house in Hale. They looked worried last night.

One of the victims had a designer Off-White cap stolen, similar to this one

“They’d bought all their clothes with their own money and if that’s what they want to spend their money on, then that’s up to them. But last night they were saying they wouldn’t be buying any more expensive clothes.”

In an unusual twist, the father knows the identity of the offender who mugged his son and has heard indirectly, through a mutual contact, that he is planning to return the goods today.

“Whether he does or not, we’ll see,” the father added. “I know the parents of a friend of his and they are church-going people. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time.”

Police said that enquiries into the incident were ongoing.