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Bowdon robbery victim has stolen items returned after police catch thief red-handed

By Josh Peachey at

A robbery victim in Bowdon had her stolen items returned after the suspected thief was caught red-handed in Dunham.

Police stopped a man driving erratically in Dunham yesterday morning and discovered he had a car full of driving accessories.

The 38-year-old, who is disqualified from driving, had no explanation for why he had multiple sat navs, batteries, tools and other items.

A spokesperson for GMP Trafford South said: “The male was stopped at about 5am due to the manner of his driving.

“He was driving in Dunham whilst disqualified. On further investigation, he had a car full of items and he couldn’t give a reasonable explanation for why they were in his possession. He’s currently in custody and awaiting interview.

“If you live in and around Dunham, Bowdon or Hale, please check your house or vehicle to see if you are missing any items such as a sat nav. He is now in custody awaiting an interview.”

The discovery was good news for one Bowdon resident, who had earlier published a Facebook post explaining that all three of her family’s cars had been “ransacked” at around 2.30am yesterday morning.

She said that two Satnavs, a Bosch laser rangefinder and four batteries worth £50 each, had all been stolen.

The victim later said that the police have returned her stolen items and added: “All praise for Greater Manchester Police. What an excellent job. I am gobsmacked and over the moon! Love and respect for our Police!”