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A memorabilia trader who owns thousands of rare items has opened a “kingdom of dreams” in Altrincham

By Josh Peachey at

An award-winning collector of movie and sports memorabilia has opened a shop in Altrincham town centre.

Jason Thanos, who has opened Magical Emporium on Lloyd Street, has spent 15 years travelling all over the world to collect autographed speciality items such as signed Muhammad Ali Gloves, Mondo movie art and even a life-size Han Solo trapped in carbonite.

Magical Emporium can be found in the shop next to Flanagans Barbers on Lloyd Street

He’s lived in Manchester most of his life but has visited places like Hollywood, Toronto, Cannes, Rome and Japan to hunt down celebrities at movie premieres.

Thanos said: “Magical Emporium is a kingdom of dreams. Anything that you’ve ever dreamed of in any universe, whether it’s Marvel or DC, classic or modern movies, everything is in here.

“I don’t think anyone can walk in here and not find something they like.”

Some of the figurines available at the Magical Emporium

He was also awarded the Best In-Person Collector award by the Autograph Fair Trade Association in 2010.

Inside the shop, there are photos of Jason with the likes of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stalone, Jonny Depp, Tom Hardy and Angelina Jolie.

Jason with Sylvester Stalone

Thanos added: “Anybody who is into collecting, anyone who has a man cave or is a geek, this is it. There’s no shop like this anywhere in Manchester. I’ll have the sorts of things you’ll not even expect to see.”

This terminator bust is one of only 500 ever made.

In the early 1990s, Thanos was a singer in a rock band but decided he wanted to do something different.

He planned to open a rock bar as a live venue where he could display autographs of famous rock artists but after discovering the market was made up mostly of fake signatures, he started going out acquiring them himself.

Since then, he has chased celebrities all around the world and estimates that his stock now includes over 5,000 items.