Pupils on free school meals at Altrincham secondary schools are highest achieving in the country

By Josh Peachey at

Pupils on free school meals in Altrincham and Sale perform better at secondary school than any other constituency in the country, according to research published by the House of Commons Library.

The area ranked first out of 533 constituencies in the country for the average attainment 8 scores of students on free school meals – a score measuring progress across eight different subjects.

Sir Graham Brady, MP for Altrincham and Sale West, said: “We have known for decades that Altrincham and Sale have the best schools in the country.

“These figures also show that our High Schools and Grammar Schools are also doing their best for children from more deprived backgrounds.”

27.3% of pupils at Altrincham College have had free school meals at any point in the last six years

The research published by the House of Commons library looks at a number of different factors to create a Social Mobility Index by Constituency (SMIC).

Altrincham and Sale West ranked fourth in the country for the number of pupils on free school meals attending primary schools that were considered either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

As for the pupils on free school meals at A-level or equivalent, the average point score was 34, ranking sixth highest in the country.

The research placed Altrincham and Sale West as having the third highest SMIC score in the country.

In England, the average percentage of pupils who have had free school meals in the past six years is 29.1% at secondary and 24.9% at primary.

Across the primary and secondary schools in the Altrincham area, that same statistic ranges from 1.4% at Stamford Park Infant School to 35.7% at Broomwood Primary School.