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Altrincham Open Studios takes over Trafford Fab Lab on Stamford New Road

By David Prior at

Altrincham Open Studios CIO, a creative community centre supporting the arts, has taken over Trafford Fab Lab on the ground floor of the old Altrincham Library on Stamford New Road.

All the services previously offered by Fab Lab will be maintained including 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting and CNC machine.

Altrincham Open Studios has plans to add other equipment, bringing together new and old technologies alongside its existing classes which include life drawing, painting and drawing, watercolours, textiles, animation and photography.

The official opening of Altrincham Open Studios at Fab Lab

It will also be introducing its very ‘open style’ of working to put the facilities to greater use, making services more accessible to the local community. Anyone can build and prototype, develop and manufacture products using their equipment.

Jo Cushing, CEO of Altrincham Open Studios, said: “We’re very excited about this opportunity. The legacy of Fab Lab will continue in Altrincham and will be enhanced.

“We want to give new businesses and entrepreneurs the best opportunity to create new products. When you put arts and technology together the results are amazing. We will be helping people use and understand the equipment, to create and design products. Inspiring people to start new careers.”

A range of original Christmas gifts are currently on offer at Trafford Fab Lab

Elizabeth Faulkner, Altrincham’s BID Manager, said: “We are delighted that the building will continue to be used for a community project which delivers technology and now art, whilst fostering the spirit of enterprise in local entrepreneurs and startups.”

The new Altrincham Open Studios gallery is now open from Tuesday to Saturday and exhibits a huge range of work from 38 local artists and makers for sale alongside work from Fab Lab professionals.

Visitors are encouraged to come into the studio which offers a range of original Christmas presents.