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Milkmen show a lot of bottle to foil attempted burglary in Broadheath

By David Prior at

Two milkmen foiled a suspected attempted burglary in Broadheath last night.

Patrick Finn and Darren Ferris were on their usual milkround around the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area having picked up their milk from the Warrington depot of McQueens Dairies.

At around 1.25am this morning, the pair spotted some men attempting to climb in through the front window of a property on Peveril Road.

Patrick Finn and Darren Ferris managed to foil the attempted burglary

The milkmen shouted at the men who fled the scene.

Darren then phoned the police and stayed to provide details to officers when they arrived.

Jamie McQueen, Director at family-run McQueen Dairies, said the company was “really proud” of their employees’ actions and that they were “an asset to the company”.