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Timperley screening event planned ahead of release of documentary about the man behind Frank Sidebottom

By David Prior at

A special screening event is being lined up in Timperley ahead of the release of a new film about the man behind Frank Sidebottom.

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey is the official documentary about the Timperley-based man with the papier mache head and the life and art of his hidden creator Chris Sievey.

It’s already been nominated as Best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards.

Director and producer Steve Sullivan has spent over seven years digging through Chris’s personal archive, interviewing friends, family and colleagues including Johnny Vegas, Jon Ronson, John Cooper Clarke, Ross Noble and Mark Radcliffe.

It tells a twisted tale of split personalities – a suburban creative superhero with a fanatical desire to preserve the myth he created, and eventually having to battle against being consumed by his alter ego.

Ahead of the national release on March 29th, at least one screening event is being lined up in Timperley, with more details to follow.

John Cooper Clarke is among those featuring in the documentary

Hamish Moseley, Head of Distribution at Altitude, said: “Fans of Frank Sidebottom will be thrilled to see Chris for the first time within such a goldmine of previously unseen footage.

“And those yet to discover the delights of this incredible outsider artist are in for a hilarious and very moving 100 minutes. This film is magic; you know it is, it really is.”