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“It was like an explosion”: Eyewitness describes moment speeding car slammed into wall and spun on its roof down Timperley road

By David Prior at

An eyewitness has described the moment a speeding car slammed into a wall in Timperley yesterday, flipping on to its roof and spinning down the road – before the driver got out and walked away.

The Clay Lane resident, who did not want to be named, said he was going out in his car shortly before 9.45 yesterday morning when a car came speeding round the corner in the direction of the Thorley Lane roundabout.

“He came round the corner that fast he lost control of it and bounced into the wall,” he said. “He spun the car on to its roof and it carried on spinning all down the road.

The car on its roof on Clay Lane

“It was like an explosion, a huge noise. The top pillar of our gate is now in next door’s garden, he didn’t half hit it with a wallop. It’s a right mess now.”

He added: “There was a guy who was going in the opposite direction who pulled up in front of him and he said he saw him coming round the bend and that he must have been doing 70 miles an hour.”

The driver crawled out and walked away after the crash, and appeared to be uninjured

Police confirmed that they were called to reports of a vehicle on its roof and discovered a silver Vauxhall Vectra.

They said that enquiries were ongoing and that the driver had failed to stay at the scene.

The damage caused to the wall on Clay Lane

The eyewitness added: “He crawled out through the window and he just walked off. A few grazes but otherwise alright. The police said they knew him – he’d left some ID in the car. It looked like he’d been living in the car, there was a duvet in it.”

He said that cars were travelling up and down Clay Lane “in excess of 50/60 miles an hour all the time”.

A view over the damage caused by the car crash