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“Gripping” Agatha Christie murder mystery opens at the Altrincham Garrick next week

By David Prior at

Agatha Christie plays are always popular at the Garrick – and Towards Zero is set to be no exception.

The play, a gripping murder mystery, is Christie at her finest and runs from Monday September 23rd to Saturday September 28th. In addition to featuring a chilling, gruesome murder and a whole host of well-rounded characters as suspects, the script also delves deep into human behaviour, becoming in turns an unpredictable melodrama, an intelligent psychological thriller, an exploration of mental health, and, for some light relief, a comedy of social status.

What is the connection between a colonial adventurer, a well known “lounge lizard”, a retired barrister and the complicated marital arrangements of a famous tennis player?

To the casual observer, apparently nothing. But when a house party gathers at “Gulls Point”, the seaside home of the elderly (and rich) Camilla Tressilian, earlier events come to a dramatic head, and Superintendent Battle must unravel these connections if the wrong person is not to be hanged for murder.

A cast rehearsal for Towards Zero at the Garrick

The play, by Agatha Christie and Gerald Verner, premiered in the West End at the St James’s Theatre in September, 1956.

For full ticket details (the Monday performance is already sold out), visit the Altrincham Garrick website or call the Box Office on 0161 928 1677 Option 1. This production is sponsored by Myerson Solicitors.