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BBC documentary to explore the Hale Barns stabbing of Yousef Makki

By David Prior at

A BBC documentary is to explore the death of Yousef Makki, who was stabbed by Josh Molnar in Hale Barns last year.

Another Killing, which will be part of the BBC Three series Hometown, will be fronted by award-winning journalist Amber Haque.

She will return to her native North West to explore the circumstances surrounding the death of the former Manchester Grammar School pupil, and the subsequent trial which saw Molnar acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges.

The documentary will be fronted by journalist Amber Haque

“I’m heading back home to try and understand the factors that led to the tragic death of Yousef Makki,” she explained.

“I also want to get to the bottom of the social media rumours that suggest that this is a story not only about race and identity but also money and power.”