Coronavirus cases in Trafford jumped last week – but health officials say it’s down to more young people being tested

By David Prior at

New cases of coronavirus jumped in Trafford last week – but health officials insist the numbers remain “very low” and the spike is down to an increase in young people getting tested.

A total of 77 new cases were recorded in the borough for the week between July 18th and 25th, but 57% of those were people aged 25 or below.

Trafford Council described the proportion of young people testing positive as “striking”, but attributed it to an increase in younger people coming forward to get a test.

The council also pointed to the launch of a mobile testing unit at University Academy 92 this week, making it easier for local people to reach the site.

Eleanor Roaf, Director of Public Health at Trafford Council, said: “We have seen a rise in young people coming forward to be tested and this has led to an increase in positive cases.

“We don’t know exactly why this is but we are thanking younger people for acting responsibly in coming forward for tests when they feel ill. We think that the young people have been contacting each other and raising awareness of the importance of testing. If this is the case, we would like to thank them for their efforts, as this will help us stop further spread of the disease.

Eleanor Roaf, Director of Public Health at Trafford Council

“I would urge everyone to continue to stick to the rules around social distancing and hand-washing when they are meeting up with friends or going out to pubs and restaurants.”

Cllr Jane Slater, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Equalities, said that while any increase in cases was a “cause for concern”, she was “reassured” that people were coming forward to be tested.

“No-one should be complacent as the virus has not gone away and still poses a risk especially to the vulnerable in our society,” she added.