13th September - 29th September
9:00am - 3:00pm
 Free event

Steve Bewsher's paintings are striking and energetic cityscapes and light-filled landscapes, depicting not only Manchester scenes but well-known Macclesfield landmarks such as Hovis Mill and Chestergate.

His latest exhibition at Gateway Gallery is a celebration – or commiseration – of construction in Manchester. “It’s about the visual assault of the modern city,” he says, “so it could probably apply to anywhere really.”

Steve’s aim is to show the city’s many layers, “the 24-hour nature of it”, often using multiple images to make one painting. “We're looking at things quicker than ever before,” he muses, “we’re also not stopping to see things and that’s reflected in my work I think.”

The 40 or so paintings Steve has in this exhibition are to do with the duality of demolition and construction in the city. “Manchester looks like it’s developing but also deteriorating in other ways,” he says, “Salford Quays used to be a derelict wasteland in the eighties,” he says, “I preferred it then. For an artist it was a really interesting environment.”

The paintings start off with traditional street scenes and, says Steve, “The first four or five have recognisable figures and city skylines but then I take a few risks along the way and I hope the visitors will go on a journey.” Steve says he likes taking risks. “It’s got to be exciting for me and it’s got to be exciting for the gallery, and, of course, the public.” He adds, “I might do a traditional street scene but I might also do a burst shopping bag in Ardwick. You have to capture the grittier side of life sometimes.”

 Gateway Gallery