17th April - 12th May
10:00am - 4:00pm
 Free event

Merry-Go-Round Broke Down is an exhibition exploring the concept of 'Toon-Culture' in contemporary art. Featuring the work of 6 prominent artists from across the UK, this showcase provides a social commentary on the expectations and stereotypes of the art world, through playful pop-culture references, dark humour and satire.

Everyone has seen cartoons at one stage of their life, whether in their childhood or through more 'tongue-in-cheek' animations in their adulthood. Cartoons are a great distraction away from reality whilst at the same time providing ironic commentary on current events. They also provide an element of escapism by making the impossible seem possible and vice-versa. The same could be said about art; providing a means of escape for the artist and an escape from reality for the viewer.

In addition to toying with current social topics, the works in this exhibition aim to provide an ironic comment on the nature of art itself; from exploring the themes found in the history of art, to commentary on public sculpture and the aesthetics of gallery display. Providing a distraction from the serious works usually found within a gallery, many of these works challenge the nature of the contemporary art world through the use of banter, slapstick and playful commentary. In this way the gallery is transformed with the use of sculptures, props, animation and visuals to become a fragmented animation set but devoid of any characters, allowing the visitors to take on this role as they explore the show.

 AIR Gallery