5th October - 27th October
10:00am - 4:00pm
 Free event

AIR Gallery is proud to present 'To the Ground'; a solo exhibition by artist Rosanne Robertson and winner of the AIR Platform Bursary.

The exhibition investigates conscious and unconscious explorations of the idea of Ground; presented via representational and abstract forms. Connections within the material and immaterial mind are extended via appendages and crutches which connect us psychologically and physically to the ground. Moments that are rooted and up rooted exist at the same time celebrating constant flux- joined together and exposed in opposition to the idea of an opaque and rigid dominant structure.

New works span drawing, assembled sculpture and sound installation playing with the idea of the moment and allowing it to unfold. Robertson believes there is power in unfolding- in revealing and stripping back distrusting ways we have built around ourselves. The moment exposes a truth which Robertson aims to reveal by allowing improvised performance with objects to lead the making process right up until the point of exhibition.

Free entry and open daily

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