“She’s an actual hero”: Sister of Manchester attack victim Martyn Hett awarded 11 A* grades in GCSEs

By David Prior at

The sister of Martyn Hett, the Altrincham PR manager who died in the Manchester Arena attack, has been awarded 11 A* grades in her GCSEs.

Nikita Murray, who attends Stockport Grammar School, began her exams just a day after Martyn, 29, was killed in the May 22nd atrocity.

And today her other brother, Dan, recalled how his “actual hero” of a sister had carried on with her exams amid the horrific aftermath of the attack.

He said on Twitter: “My little sister Nik is an actual hero. Skip back to the literal day after we found out about Martyn being killed we were obviously completely numb, fried, drained. We’d been through something absolutely unreal and were all trying to figure it out.

“I came downstairs, and Nik was sat on the stairs in full school uniform, tying her shoes. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t even know what day it was at that point, it had been such a horrific few days.

“She was putting her shoes on so she could go and sit a bunch of GCSE’s. I was utterly amazed, floored.

Nikita with her results this morning:

“They told her she didn’t need to, that they’d use her predicted grades given everything that happened. Nik said: nope! and took the lot.

“Under the most horrific conditions, after going through (and continuing to go through) it all, she didn’t skip a beat.

“It was hands-down the toughest shit I have ever seen. Sleeves rolled up, get it done. Nothing wasted despite it all.

“She got her results today. Eleven A* grades. I have never been more proud or amazed by anyone. In conclusion: my kid sister is the toughest person I have ever met. don’t mess with her. Be inspired!”

Up to the day he died, Martyn had worked as digital manager for Rumpus PR, based on Woodlands Road in Altrincham, since 2013.

A Coronation Street superfan, his funeral was attended by stars including Kym Marsh, Jennie McAlpine and Antony Cotton. American singer Mariah Carey, another of Martyn’s heroes, also recorded a video message.