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Altrincham schoolboy wins selection for USA lacrosse tour

By David Prior at

Young St Ambrose College lacrosse player Calum Watson has been selected for Stockport Metro’s ambitious trip to Maryland in the United States next July.

Playing for only two years, Calum is known as a tough defender with superb hand to eye coordination and a good engine to cover both defensive and playmaking duties.

Stockport Metro are made up of five top North-West Lacrosse clubs and select only 10 under-12s to join their touring under-13 side.

Both Calum and his dad Mike Watson play for Cheadle, the sixth oldest lacrosse club in the world, and the spiritual home of British lacrosse.

Young lacrosse talent Calum Watson

Calum said: “I’d love to play for the Cheadle First Team and who knows maybe even become a full England international. The trip to Maryland is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am really looking forward to staying with an American family.”

The game is thought to have originated on the American plains as a way of the native tribes preparing for war.

Calum, who is also a keen rugby and water polo player in Year Seven at St Ambrose in Hale Barns, added: “You’ve got to be strong and be able to give as good as you get. I love the sport.”