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New “casual dining Chinese” concept WowYauChow to launch in Altrincham town centre

By David Prior at

A new Chinese restaurant concept – mixing ‘British Chinese favourites’, Chinese street food, craft beer and cocktails – is to launch in Altrincham town centre.

Restaurant operator EatsMeatsWest is to launch the new brand, WowYauChow, this autumn in the Stamford New Road unit previously occupied by Embrace Bar.

EatsMeatsWest specialises in marrying Eastern values with Western culture and has already enjoyed success with its CockaDoodleMoo ‘MeatShack’ concept in Rochdale and Stockport.

WowYauChow will be located in the former Embrace Bar

The new “casual dining Chinese” concept WowYauChow has been a long-held ambition of founder and managing director Henry Yau.

He said: “I was born in Hong Kong, and having been raised in England since I was five, Manchester is where my heart and home is.

“Altrincham is simply a fantastic suburb of Manchester with a diverse population, enjoying a great range of independent and branded eateries and drinking places, so we thought this would be the perfect place for us launch our new concept and we can’t wait to be part of the Altrincham community.”

Branding for the new Chinese concept WowYauChow

Both Yau and Sam Coong, WowYauChow’s executive chef, come from a long line of family run Chinese eateries.

They are promising “a relaxed and welcoming venue” offering “honest, tasty, comforting food with great hospitality”.

The unit on Stamford New Road was previously home to Embrace Bar, a Victoriana-style café bar that closed its doors last year.