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Judge explains reasons behind granting of bail for teenager accused of murdering Yousef Makki in Hale Barns

By David Prior at

A 17-year-old from Altrincham accused of murdering Yousef Makki in Hale Barns was released on bail last month – and now the judge has released the bail conditions that formed the basis of his decision.

Yousef, a Manchester Grammar School pupil from Burnage, died on March 2nd after being stabbed on Gorse Bank Road.

At a preliminary hearing at Manchester Crown Court a few days later, the teenager – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was granted bail.

At the time, His Honour Judge David Stockdale QC held the bail hearing in private and would not subsequently elaborate further on his decision.

Yousef Ghaleb Makki, from Burnage, was a student at Manchester Grammar School

But after a number of submissions were made on behalf of media groups, he has now released the bail conditions for the accused.

Judge Stockdale released details of the “range” of conditions taken into account when deciding to grant bail for the accused.

He said: “Bail was granted because I was satisfied that if bail conditions were imposed there was no significant risk of this defendant committing a further offence or an offence causing injury or harm to another person or posing a significant risk of failure to attend court.”

A picture of Yousef released by his family

The defendant must live and sleep each night at a specified address, which has not been made public, observe an electronically monitored curfew between 6pm and 8am, not contact any witnesses or the co-defendant, not to apply for international travel documents, to surrender his passport and be supervised by his local Youth Offending Team.

He must also not enter Greater Manchester except to attend court or see his legal team or engage in any social media in relation to the case.

Additionally, as a mandatory condition of bail for those accused of murder, he must undergo examination by two doctors to determine his mental condition for the preparation of reports.

The accused must next attend court on April 29 for a pre-trial hearing.