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Blanchflower restaurant vows to revolutionise pizza with new weekend evenings launch

By David Prior at

Blanchflower restaurant has vowed to reinvent the pizza as it revealed plans to open on Friday and Saturday evenings this summer.

The Shaw’s Road restaurant, which opened in December 2017, is to transform into Pizza Rivoluzione on Friday and Saturday evenings from tomorrow.

It is planning to introduce a crunchy, Roman style of focaccia pizza and pizza Romana that is a “movement away from wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza”.

One of the new style of pizzas on offer at Blanchflower from this weekend

Made with organic flour, focaccia pizza is found all over Italy but only a handful of restaurants serve it in the UK. Romana pizza will use 100% organic sourdough and a mix of white, wholemeal and rye flours.

Owner Phil Howells said: “Watching the rise of artisan pizza over the last decade there was always one thing we couldn’t fathom and that’s why no-one tries anything different with pizza dough. Over the years we’ve become tired of floppy pizza and were reminded of the variations we found when visiting Italy, so we decided to import some of that for a summer pop-up.

Owner Phil Howells (left) with some of the Blanchflower team

“It’s a revolution because we can’t be alone in thinking this. Mark my words, the dictatorial rule of Neapolitan pizza is coming to an end. A good place to start is to move on from the wood oven, because they are really limiting. A cult has grown up around them in the UK so literally everyone gets one to show how serious they are about pizza. It’s a myth.”

Blanchflower will close as normal at 5pm and reopen as Pizza Rivoluzione at 6pm.

One of the new crunchy, focaccia pizzas

“I think customers will be surprised how different our pizzas are and pizza fans must come and try for themselves,” Howells added.

Open Friday and Saturday evenings from May 10th to September 21st, from 6-10pm, Pizza Rivoluzione will also offer a selection of appetisers and desserts. Both focaccia and Romana pizzas will be priced around £10.