There are 2,751 “property millionaires” in Altrincham – find out what year you’ll join the club

By David Prior at

Nearly one in every 10 properties in Altrincham is worth a million pounds, research has shown.

Zoopla has calculated that there are currently 2,751 property millionaires in Altrincham, accounting for 9% of property in the area.

If you’re not one already, find out when you’re likely to become a property millionaire

That ranks Altrincham as 32nd in the country, with Guildford in Surrey (5,889) having the highest number, with the university hubs of Cambridge (5,530) and Reading (5,421) second and third respectively.

Overall, there are now 768,553 property millionaires in Britain, accounting for 2.7%.

That’s up 143,476 (22.95%) property millionaires since August 2016, when the data was last analysed.

Within London, the borough of Westminster has the highest number of property millionaires (54,231), which make up 49 per cent of the area’s properties.

Regal Kensington and Chelsea follows in second place (45,366) and Camden in third (37,908).

Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla, said: “Whilst there might be a greater number of £1m+ properties than ever before, the data shows that they still only represent a small fraction of all UK housing stock. Our latest tool allows curious homeowners to dream a little and see when their home might hit the million-pound mark.”